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Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns: Winner and Reaction for WWE Roadblock 2016

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WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens defended his title Sunday at Roadblock: End of the Line after beating Roman Reigns by disqualification. 

Chris Jericho conspired to ensure Owens remained the champion. He hit Owens with the Codebreaker to force the disqualification, seemingly showing the two had turned from friends to rivals. Instead, Jericho held Owens’ hand up in triumph after the match.

WWE Universe showed the pair hugging after repairing their relationship:’s Vaughn Johnson is happy that friendship was the biggest winner Sunday night:

Owens and Jericho didn’t have long to celebrate, though, after Seth Rollins arrived and helped Reigns take the two out. Reigns and Rollins joined forces to hark back to their Shield days, courtesy of WWE:

After successfully defending the title against Rollins on Raw thanks to help from Jericho, Owens was feeling good about himself, but Reigns stepped up to the plate and challenged him for Raw’s top championship.

Reigns poked and prodded both Owens and Jericho and attempted to pit them against each other. He also questioned the validity of KO’s title run, according to WWE Universe on Twitter:

The Big Dog insisted that Owens would be nothing without the help of Jericho, which prompted The Prizefighter to insist he didn’t need his best friend.

Reigns proposed a match on Raw in which he would earn a Universal Championship bout at Roadblock if he could manage to come out on the winning end.

Owens accepted, but that turned out to be a mistake, as Rollins attacked Jericho in the parking lot later in the night, which meant KO was on his own.

Reigns and Owens engaged in a back-and-forth encounter, but the U.S. titleholder prevailed and set the stage for a rematch at Roadblock with the Universal Championship strap on the line.

The former Shield powerhouse expressed a great deal of confidence that he would leave Pittsburgh with two titles in tow:

Although Reigns entered Roadblock having never won the Universal Championship, he is a three-time world champion, and there is no question that WWE‘s top decision-makers are behind him.

That prompted many to believe Reigns could come out on top, especially since Jericho was seemingly preoccupied with Rollins.

Reigns spoke the truth in many ways when he pointed out that Owens rarely won without help from outside forces such as Jericho or Triple H, which meant KO had something to prove at Roadblock.

Owens and Reigns have proved to have good in-ring chemistry, and that led to another entertaining encounter between them Sunday.

Given the nature of Owens’ victory, one can only assume that his feud with Reigns will continue, and the likelihood is high that they will have a rematch at Royal Rumble in January with the Universal Championship on the line.

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