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Jeremy Wetmore Spann and Blake Larson

A US couple have told their friends and family they are breaking up by making a rap video about their split.

Jeremy Wetmore Spann and Blake Larson dated for seven years before ending their relationship this month.

The pair met while studying at Arizona University and later worked together in real estate.

And some might say the property market is a more suitable place for Jeremy and Blake than the music industry.

The song, posted by Jeremy but credited to “Blaremy” tells the story of their relationship over the hip hop beats of Just A Friend by Biz Markie.

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It reveals how the pair met in a business fraternity (which they were later dropped from) and bought a house when Jeremy was just 19 years old.

Jeremy Wetmore Spann and Blake Larson

Image caption Jeremy and Blake are not your traditional rap stars

The lyrics of the track highlight how the couple have drifted apart during the course of their relationship.

They include such gems as: “We went together like a vegan and vegetables” and “These seven years were great, now let’s amicably separate.”

Jeremy Wetmore Spann and Blake Larson

Image caption Key lyrics from the track include: ‘I’d give you five stars if you were my Uber driver’

They have also spent a good part of their relationship posting videos on social media, but the one marking the end of their time together is the one which has brought them widespread attention.

The reaction from friends and family has been positive, with messages congratulating the couple for handling the split.

One well-wisher said that the video is “a great way to celebrate transition”.

Jeremy Wetmore Spann and Blake Larson

Image caption The couple dated from April 2010 to April 2017

Another said he was “so proud to see how classy and creative you two are” and that he was looking forward to “two new stories to watch”.

Jeremy has now set his status to single. Blake is yet to make his relationship status public.

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