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Two Georgia inmates who escaped from a prison bus Tuesday after allegedly killing a pair of prison guards were captured Thursday following a massive manhunt.

Ricky Dubose, 24, and Donnie Russell Rowe, 43, were captured Thursday, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) announced on Twitter. GBI spokesperson Nelly Miles told BuzzFeed News the men were captured after committing a home invasion at the residence of an elderly couple in Tennessee.

In a news conference, Bedford County, Tennessee, Sherif Austin Swing said authorities received a call from the couple reporting the invasion around 5:30 Thursday. The couple said the escapees from Georgia had tied them up and held them at gunpoint for three hours, Swing explained. The couple also said the two men pointed guns at their heads, threatened to kill them, at the beef soup the woman had just made, then stole clothing and jewelry.

The men initially tried to make the woman drive them away, but when one of the couple’s vehicles wouldn’t start they stole the other one and left on their own, Swing said.

Fifteen minutes later, the couple reportedly managed to get free and call police. Swing added that the couple is lucky to be alive, and “extremely traumatized.”

Miles said the escapees eventually crashed the vehicle they stole and fled on foot. A short manhunt ensued, after which police captured the men.

Swing said shots were fired when the men were apprehended, but no one was injured.

Photos appeared to show both inmates handcuffed and lying on the ground amid a group of law enforcement personnel.

Dubose and Rowe, who had been serving long prison sentences for armed robbery, escaped while on a transport bus in rural Georgia. They somehow broke through the gate protecting the guards, stole the guards’ guns, and shot them, Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills said.

The two men then allegedly carjacked a green Honda that happened to drive by, and fled.

Sills said the men were “dangerous beyond description” and the search for them eventually became “the greatest effort I have ever seen.” By Thursday, a reward for information leading to their arrests had grown to $ 130,000.

After escaping in the stolen Honda, the men burglarized a home and swapped out their prison uniforms for street clothes. Later, they stole a white pickup truck and got an hours-long head start on the police pursuing them.

On Thursday morning, Sills reiterated that “the public is in grave danger.”

Additional details about the men’s capture were not immediately available Thursday, though WSB reported that earlier in the day they had been spotted in Shelbyville, Tennessee.

After the men were captured Thursday, Swing said that “it’s kind of hard to believe.”

“You hear about it two days ago and you watch it on the news,” Swing said, “and to think it’s going to end up at a household in your county is, I mean, its like wow, who would’ve ever thought of this.”

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