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On Friday, the president tweeted, “I’m being investigated for firing the FBI director by the man who told me to fire the FBI director. Witch hunt!”

But Sekulow maintained the president was not speaking literally.

Speaking to a bemused Jake Tapper on CNN, Sekulow said the president was responding to a Washington Post story from Wednesday which reported, citing five anonymous officials, that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had expanded his Russia investigation to examine whether Trump attempted to obstruct justice.

“That response on social media was in response to the Washington Post piece. It’s that simple. The president is not under investigation,” he said.

“Well, I wish it were that simple,” Tapper responded, “but with all due respect, the president said, ‘I am being investigated’ in a tweet, and people take his word on that. But you’re his attorney, and you’re saying that the president, when he said that, was not accurate.”

“It was 141 characters, there’s a limitation on Twitter, as we all know, and the president has a very effective utilization of social media,” Sekulow said.

“There should be no confusion,” Sekulow added. “The president is not under investigation.”

“But it is confusing,” maintained Tapper.

BuzzFeed – USNews

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