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With 17 previous editions, we’ve seen it all in regards to the standard Money in the Bank match.

Rob Van Dam cashed his in well in advance, CM Punk turned heel on Jeff Hardy, Edge stole Mr. Kennedy’s title shot and dethroned The Undertaker and two times, it was even cashed in the very same night it was won.

What goes down as the worst cash-in to date, though, was Damien Sandow’s, when he was unsuccessful in defeating John Cena and just as with the women’s match, the worst choice for WWE to make is to build this up to become nothing.

Outside of that, there are a few other mistakes that can be made, depending on what the plans are for the future of the WWE Championship.

Giving it to AJ Styles, Sami Zayn or Shinsuke Nakamura just to have any of them ask for a title match at SummerSlam against someone is defeating the purpose of the spontaneous title change.

It’s also a mistake to give the briefcase to Kevin Owens since he’s the United States champion and that’s plenty enough responsibility to take on.

Winning the Money in the Bank would give him two accolades to juggle and one of them would inevitably fall under the radar. Alternatively, everyone would be waiting for him to drop the midcard title so he could move up to the main event again.

By far the worst option, though, is to put it on Nakamura and hit the fast forward button on his career.

The King of Strong Style is still relatively new on the roster even to people who followed him in NXT as he only joined the company a little over a year ago.

People who are only familiar with him on SmackDown have only seen him wrestle a handful of times and cut maybe two promos and for him to go straight to being a world champion will come off as another person being shoved down everyone’s throats.

Nakamura can take a slower path, winning the United States Championship and wrestling in the upper-midcard for the rest of the year before building up to an important match at WrestleMania which then sets him up to be a world title contender by this time in 2018.

Rushing to the finish line rarely works in WWE and the benefits of having the WWE Championship on Nakamura in the next 12 months don’t outweigh the risk of potentially damaging his character and depriving fans of the slow burn.

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