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This is the Oval Office without furniture

The Oval Office looks a bit different without its typical furnishingsImage copyright Reuters
Image caption The cockpit of US power looks pretty drab without its stately furnishings

Every wondered what the Oval Office looks like without any furniture? Of course you haven’t. Here’s some pictures anyway.

The White House has got the builders in for its first major renovation in more than six decades.

The West Wing – which President Donald Trump has denied calling “a dump” – is being gutted during the revamp.

Mr Trump might be lucky to find a seat in his office when he pops back to the executive mansion next week.

He is currently in the middle of a 17-day “working vacation” at his private New Jersey golf club.

But the commander-in-chief plans to interrupt his holiday on Monday with a brief return to Washington DC.

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Don’t panic! This eye-catching red button is seen in the Roosevelt meeting room

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Cranes loom over the south side of the White House, where the portico is being rebuilt

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption The air conditioning system, which is 27-years-old, is also being replaced

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption The West Wing is being revamped

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Former White House spokesman Sean Spicer inspects an old outdoor thermometer

Image copyright EPA

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Wires protrude from the floor where President Trump’s desk usually sits

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