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Conor McGregor has been more serious in his training than Floyd Mayweather.

Conor McGregor has been more serious in his training than Floyd Mayweather.John Locher/Associated Press

The huge night in Las Vegas is getting closer and closer. With just over two weeks to go before Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor square off in their boxing match at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, both fighters are starting to turn up the intensity in their preparations for the fight.

Preparations, however, are not the same as training sessions, at least for Mayweather. Through the first two episodes of Showtime’s All Access series, the undefeated fighter had not gone into a serious training mode. He had vacationed with his family, showed off his bricks of $ 100 bills and gone on shopping sprees, but he did not pummel the speed bag, overpower the heavy bag or spar with partners.

Floyd Mayweather does not appear to be taking McGregor seriously.

Floyd Mayweather does not appear to be taking McGregor seriously.John Locher/Associated Press

In the third episode of All Access, Mayweather still was not in the training mode at the start. He was riding horses, buying a black hat and having a good time with his crew. It left observers wondering what was going through Money’s mind as he prepared for this huge fight.

McGregor was in the UFC training gym working on his boxing skills. His main striking coach is Owen Roddy, who has been part of McGregor’s team since he started his career. Roddy’s influence has been an essential part of McGregor’s success in the UFC, because the Irish fighter’s greatest weapon is his ability to hurt opponents with his punches.

However, hurting UFC fighters and making contact with Mayweather are two different things. Mayweather’s defensive prowess has been remarkable throughout his 49-0 run in the ring, and if he has some rust to his game, it is not likely to show up on the defensive end.

When Mayweather finally returned to the gym, it was to host his good friend Snoop Dogg. The entertainer has long been a friend and supporter of Mayweather, and he came to Las Vegas to conduct an interview for his podcast. Did Floyd put on his gloves and train in a serious manner? No.

While this was going on, Paulie Malignaggi returned to the ring to spar with McGregor. Once again, McGregor refused to let the All Access cameras tape the action.

McGregor emerged saying he scored a decisive 12-0 victory over the former fighter and current analyst. McGregor thanked Malignaggi for his effort, but he said he dominated all 12 rounds.

Malignaggi was not happy. He acknowledged he was on the canvas at least once, but he said it was the result of a shove from his opponent. He was asking McGregor to release the tape of the sparring session so the world could see. The request fell on deaf ears.

Finally, after showing his humanity by welcoming a young cancer patient named Taylor Hammond to his gym, Mayweather did some training at the end of the show.

While he was not shown sparring, he had his gloves on, he was working up a sweat, and he was preparing for the fight. It might not have been the most rigorous training session, but he was finally working out in the gym.

Will that be enough to prepare for the cocky McGregor? That will be determined when the two men meet Aug. 26.

The countdown is on.

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