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Paul and the president haven’t had the best of relationships of late.

The Kentucky senator’s refusal to support the most recent GOP effort to repeal and replace Obamacare was one of the reasons Congressional Republicans couldn’t muster enough votes to enact an overhaul of the health care system. (Unlike some moderate Republicans, Paul didn’t believe the repeal effort went far enough).

FWIW, despite all the awkwardness, Paul was at the event because he actually supported the president’s executive order to allow some people to leave the Obamacare markets (potentially causing turmoil for the whole system).

“President Trump is doing what I believe is the biggest free-market reform in a generation,” Paul said, commending Trump on his “boldness.”

Trump even had a little fun with the fact Paul was backing him on health care for once.

“I can say, when you get Rand Paul on your side, it has to be positive, that I can tell you,” Trump said to laughs in the room. “Boy, I was just saying as he’s getting up and saying all these wonderful things about what we’re going to be announcing, I said, boy, that’s pretty unusual. I’m very impressed.”

BuzzFeed – USNews

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