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Two of these tag teams are big enough that they can definitely head into WrestleMania 34 as the champions of SmackDown, while the other two stand almost no chance at winning those belts.

Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin could have reached that title status if there had been more of an effort to push them from the start, but they never hit the ground running and their heel turn was slow and confusing.

At this point, the crowd doesn’t seem to know whether to boo or cheer them, but isn’t given enough of a reason to do either of those things, so they just don’t react much at all, virtually killing their hopes of winning the gold.

With Rusev and Aiden English, those two weren’t even included in this match when it was first announced!

This might have been on purpose, with WWE wanting to swerve everyone by adding them into the mix later for a surprise, or it could have been a byproduct of realizing the writers had nothing else for them to do and might as well have them compete here.

If it were a different time of the year, it would raise some eyebrows that maybe they would win the titles, but in December, it doesn’t seem as feasible.

Instead, this boils down to The Usos retaining or The New Day taking back the titles for yet another reign.

Since those two teams have had many matches together over the past few months and they’re both the babyfaces here, it would make sense for The New Day to score a pin on either of the heel units to make for an easier transition between face champions.

Then, The Usos can get a rematch on SmackDown Live and come up short, leaving The New Day with the belts heading into WrestleMania, as they are still the bigger team and didn’t get a chance to compete on last year’s show.

Prediction: The New Day become champions yet again.

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