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The witness asked to only go by her first name, Anne, “to protect herself, fear of reprisal, and [her] safety.”

On April 4, Anne said, she got on a crowded A train at 42nd Street going uptown. She saw a man ranting and pointing his finger at a seated passenger saying, “Go home, we don’t want you here, you’re what’s ruining America.”

“I was so shocked,” Anne said.

The passenger getting yelled at was in his sixties, Caucasian, tall, and appeared to be a tourist. Anne said he was speaking a Slavic or Eastern European language.

The passenger remained calm throughout the whole thing while Schlossberg was “on a harangue,” Anne said.

“I was so enraged that I didn’t do that and I began to go off at him saying, ‘this is hate speech, I can’t believe I have to listen to this. What’s wrong with you? You’re out of your mind,'” she told BuzzFeed News.

“The most disturbing thing to me about it was that he was clearly a professional the way he was dressed,” Anne said. “He did not appear to be drunk, stoned, disoriented, have any sort of mental illness. He seemed completely in charge of his faculties.”

The man then started recording her, saying, “Who are you? Who are you? I’ll get you on camera?” according to Anne. “And I said ‘Good, get my good side,’ so then I took a picture because he was taking pictures,” she said.

Schlossberg got off at the 59th Street stop. “As a white middle-aged Jewish woman, I felt like I could say something, that I was in a position to say something. If I were a person of color it might have escalated more and more,” she said.

She had told the story to her 22-year-old son and showed him the picture — he later texted her the restaurant video and asked, “is this the guy?” Anne said she watched the restaurant video and recognized his face and voice.

“I am thrilled that he’s getting a public shaming,” Anne said.

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