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Ten people were killed in the most recent mass shooting in the US — eight students and two teachers.

A Santa Fe high school student named Paige said she wasn’t surprised by the shooting, telling a local outlet that she “always felt like eventually, it was going to happen here too.”

The massacre occurred days after the three-month anniversary of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left 17 people dead.

Over the weekend, under the hashtag #IfIDieInASchoolShooting, students listed teenage milestones they’d miss out on if they were to die in school, like prom and turning 16.

Students also shared instructions for where they want their bodies to go.

“I’ll be taking these tweets and sending them to Paul Ryan through letters, and to all the politicians who take money from the NRA,” he said.

“So what I, and a lot of my other friends who are becoming all sorts of different teachers at my school are feeling, is not only the pressure of a potential shooting in our own classrooms as current students, but later on as teachers,” Paul said.

“The difference between us and others is they will leave the classroom and the schools, while we will be in them rest of our lives. So it’s a very weird concept because we are scared in two different ways as teachers in training.”

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