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Laurie Brickley, a spokesperson for the St. Paul Animal Control Department, said that her department decided that sending people to rescue the raccoon could have unintended consequences — the animal might get frightened if it were cornered so high up — that could lead to a fall. She thinks that during the night, when there aren’t many people around, the raccoon may continue to scale the building in peace.

“The best option is leaving it alone and hoping it will make it to the top in the evening,” she said. “It’s already shown it’s adept at climbing.”

Brickley said she’s never seen anything like this raccoon’s climb.

“And I hope I never do again.”

But the raccoon appeared to still be on the ledge after the fire department left, and in the late evening Animal Control said it was still on the ledge of the 22nd floor. What will it take to save her?

Minnesota Public Radio reported that fire department officials judged that trying to rescue the raccoon from the ledge would be too great a risk to firefighters to justify. The Fire Department did not respond to request for further comment.

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