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“I do not wish to be forced to wear a headscarf or burkha,” she wrote. “It seems that under the present circumstances, the only way for me to protect my rights is not to go to Iran,” she said.

Swaminathan said she was very disappointed to see that players’ rights and welfare were not given more attention, although she added it was still a huge honor to be picked for the Indian national team. “I deeply regret that I will be unable to participate in such an important championship,” she said, but “some things simply cannot be compromised.” BuzzFeed News has reached out to Swaminathan for further comment.

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The Supreme Court Rules That Bans On "Political Apparel" In Polling Places Must Be "Sensible"
Comey 'broke norms but not biased' - agency watchdog report

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Comey ‘broke norms but not biased’ – agency watchdog report

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