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The teams for this week's episode of WWE Mixed Match Challenge

The teams for this week’s episode of WWE Mixed Match ChallengeCredit:

Since this year’s Mixed Challenge is a round-robin tournament, we are beginning to see teams make repeat appearances, even if they lost their first bout.

This week’s show featured Ember Moon and Braun Strowman facing Bayley and Finn Balor as well as Charlotte Flair and AJ Styles taking on Carmella and R-Truth. See if you can guess which one had more comedy.

Let’s take a look at everything that happened on Tuesday’s episode of WWE Mixed Match Challenge.

B’N’B vs. Monster Eclipse

Bayley and Moon started for their teams, which was the smart move to keep things competitive in the early minutes of the match.

As soon as Strowman and Balor tagged themselves in, things became much more one-sided. The Monster Among Men easily overpowered the Irishman as Moon cheered him on from the apron.

Unlike many of the other matches we have seen in this tournament, this bout didn’t put any focus on comedy. Other than a few small moments, everyone was serious from start to finish.

Balor and Strowman have some established chemistry from past encounters, but Moon and Bayley showed them up every time they were in the ring together.

Strowman broke up a pin to save his partner before he tagged himself in and finished off Balor with his trademark powerslam. This was a solid match that will leave many fans wanting to see more from The Hugger and The War Goddess.

Grade: C+

Notes and Highlights

  • The way Bayley cowered in fear when she got too close to Strowman was hilarious.
  • Does anyone else miss Strowman and Alexa Bliss as a team?
  • It was funny to see the hole Charlotte and Becky Lynch created in the LED wall on the stage was still there. You would think it would be easy to replace those panels.
  • This match proved a Bayley vs. Moon feud would be great. They worked so well together. Moon showed some heel characteristics, and she seemed to enjoy the role.
  • Strowman runs his own shoulder into the ring post way too often. It’s kind of like how Ric Flair would always get caught every time he went to the top rope. He should have learned his lesson by now.

Fabulous Truth vs. Fenomenal Flair

Despite having both competed on SmackDown earlier in the evening, Charlotte and Styles appeared to be in great spirits as they made their entrance for this match.

The Queen and The Princess of Staten Island have a history as rivals, but Truth and Styles haven’t been in the ring together since their days in TNA and on the indy scene.

Instead of engaging in fisticuffs right away, Truth and Styles decided another dance off would be appropriate after Lana and Naomi’s went over so well last week. It took all of 10 seconds before the women got involved in the fun.

Charlotte chased Carmella around the ring for some laughs, but then they were all business. All four competitors took part in the final sequence, which resulted in Styles pinning Truth for the win.

Nothing about this match was amazing, but it was the definition of enjoyable nonsense. While it won’t be remembered in two weeks, it will make you laugh, and that is what it was trying to accomplish.


Grade: B-


Notes and Highlights

  • Natalya revealed she is looking for a new partner after Kevin Owens was injured on Raw. It will be interesting to see who WWE puts on her team.
  • Carmella should leave the rapping to Truth.
  • Charlotte was sporting some bandages after being cut open during her match with Becky Lynch on SmackDown.
  • Styles acted like he injured his groin trying to do the splits.
  • Carmella hit Charlotte with what can only be described as the softest superkick in WWE history.

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