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Help, Did We Pivot To Video?

Of all the buzzy phrases that define modern journalism, “pivot to video” is one of the few that still has a bite (unlike, say “fake news”). And it should. We’ve seen decisions to stop doing original reporting and start producing commodified slideshows ricochet through...
Using truly secure passwords: 6 essential reads

Using truly secure passwords: 6 essential reads

Scholars have ideas about how to help solve our password problems. vladwei/ Editor’s note: the following is roundup of previously published articles. Passwords are everywhere – and they present an impossible puzzle. Social media profiles, financial...

North Korea Has Reportedly Fired A Missile Over Japan

North Korea launched a missile Friday morning over Japan, escalating an already-volatile situation in the region and prompting Japanese authorities to advise people to seek shelter. South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency reported the launch of an “unidentified...
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