IU from K-POP gracefully addresses criticism about her height.

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IU with her managers
IU with her managers
IU recently unveiled an exclusive interview on her prestigious YouTube channel. The one conducting the interview was none other than her beloved mother, the muse behind her heartfelt song “Shh..” from her latest masterpiece, The Winning. The duo displayed raw vulnerability and unwavering honesty throughout the entire conversation. They delved into a myriad of topics in the touching video, from somber moments to poignant regrets. In a candid moment, IU’s mother expressed remorse for not passing on what she deemed as “good genes” to her daughter. She particularly lamented her own height, believing that IU inherited her petite stature from her. The songstress, standing gracefully at 162 cm (5’4″), the average height for women in South Korea, promptly refuted her mother’s sentiments. She adamantly declared that her genes were nothing short of exceptional. Embracing her stature, IU confidently stated that she has no desire to be any taller. She wholeheartedly embraced the notion that petite women exude a natural charm—just like herself. Her mother playfully teased her, questioning her conviction. Unfazed, IU stood her ground with unwavering confidence.

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