Sylvester Stallone Teases Rambo 5 Announcement Coming Soon

Though Sylvester Stallone has certainly starred in his fair share of films over the years, there are two roles that immediately spring to mind whenever his name’s mentioned, those being Rocky Balboa and John Rambo. Having originally played them at a young age, Sly eventually reprised both parts decades later, further cementing their place in the annals of cinematic […]

Ladies, Would You Do It? Mara Brock Akil Reveals That She Popped The Question To Her Husband Mara Brock Akil Says She Proposed To Her Husband Of 20 Years Society tricks women into thinking that the only way to get married is to wait for the guy to propose. But sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands, ladies. That’s what Mara Brock Akil did, and she’s been married […]

Val Chmerkovskiy & Jenna Johnson Go On a Friday Night Date

Val Chmerkovskiy and Jenna Johnson look full of joy as they leave Craig’s restaurant after a dinner date on Friday night (August 10) in West Hollywood, Calif. The engaged couple took a night off from Dancing With the Stars: Juniors work to have dinner at the popular restaurant. Val is one of the three judges […]

Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Has Already Cast Its Spock

As revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, Star Trek: Discovery‘s upcoming second season will introduce one of the franchise’s most iconic characters in the form of Spock. Whoever plays the part of the half-human, half-Vulcan will have a tough job living up to the performances of those who’ve come before him, but the audition process apparently uncovered […]

KUWTK: Kourtney, Kimmy, And Khloe Try To Hash Out Their Differences After An Explosive Family Fight [Video]

After Kimmy cussed Kourtney out last week, causing her to clap back with a soul-searing read…the sisters are doing their best to get back on track and not yank each other’s tracks out. Kind of easy to see why Kourtney gets cussed out here and there by the rest of the fam… Getty/YouTube Bossip

Princess Diana’s SISTER had relationship with Prince Charles but REFUSED to marry him #Royals

PRINCESS Diana’s sister Lady Sarah Spencer secretly dated Prince Charles the same year the late Princess of Wales met her future husband. Daily Express :: Royal Feed

Alyssa Milano Shares Her Hopes for the ‘Charmed’ Reboot

Alyssa Milano is speaking out with her thoughts on the Charmed reboot. The 45-year-old actress, who stars in the new Netflix series Insatiable, wishes that the execs of the reboot reached out to her and the other original stars from the beginning. “I wish that they would have come to us and we would have […]

Ant-Man And The Wasp Director Explains How The Post-Credits Scene Leads Into Avengers 4

For the bulk of Ant-Man and the Wasp’s runtime, the MCU’s action flick succeeds as a low-stakes, modestly scaled adventure that offers a refreshing change of pace after Avengers: Infinity War got all gloomy on us. Nonetheless, this wasp has a sting in its rear end, and just when you think the whole affair has been wrapped up […]