AI-generated images of Taylor Swift went viral on social media at a rapid pace

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This week, AI-generated pornographic images of the world’s most famous stars went viral on social media, highlighting the harmful potential of mainstream artificial intelligence technology – its ability to create convincingly realistic and harmful images. Became.
Decker said the use of generative AI tools to create potentially harmful content targeting all types of celebrities is rapidly increasing and spreading on social media faster than ever before. He said he is doing so. But
Decker said targeted inclusion of Swift could draw more attention to the growing issues surrounding AI-generated images.
A large group of Swifties loyalists took to social media this week to express their outrage and bring the issue to the forefront.
“If someone like Taylor Swift is being targeted so harshly, perhaps the reason lawmakers and tech companies are taking action is because America’s mistresses can’t afford to engage in a public campaign against them.” “Maybe because there isn’t,” he said.
“This kind of technology has been used for some time to create so-called ‘revenge porn,’ where explicit images of someone are posted online without their consent, but now it’s back on track because of Swift’s disturbing photos. It is attracting attention.

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