Here’s how to watch The Walking Dead: The Living from anywhere

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Gene Page/AMC
Gene Page/AMC
Here’s how to watch The Walking Dead: The Living from anywhere. Like the zombies that inhabit the series, The Walking Dead series refuses to die. His latest spinoff, The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, brings a new post-apocalyptic undead drama to our screens. Two of his most popular characters return in this latest installment of the hugely popular series, reuniting Rick and Michonne Grimes after their dramatic breakup in TWD Season 9. Initially planned as a feature film, Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira were keen to return to the lead role, eventually turning it into a six-episode television series. Rick was presumed dead after leaving the series, but this new spinoff explains what the former sheriff’s deputy was up to and also sees him team up with Michonne again. . As the pair are forced into different environments, they not only have to contend with walkers as a threat; The show will also answer the question of whether the reunited couple will return as lovers, friends, zombie-killing partners, or enemies. If you can’t watch The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live in your area, a VPN may help. A VPN allows you to virtually change the location of your phone. Viewers in the United States and Canada can watch The Walking Dead: The Living on AMC cable channels or on the AMC Plus streaming app, which is also available on Apple TV. Prime Video, DirecTV, etc. The series premieres on Sunday, February 25th at 6pm on the AMC cable network in the US and Canada. However, if you have the AMC Plus app, you can access new episodes a little earlier every Sunday morning starting at 12:00 PM PT (3:00 AM ET).

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