Holly Macve: “I have always felt fearful of the passage of time, but now I am embracing it.”

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Holly Macve’s new EP, ‘Time is Forever’, has a discography filled with authentic country-led Americana. It’s interesting to note that she wrote most of the songs in a quintessentially British house West of London. The house had a vintage feel, with no central heating, but it had an old piano that had a magical aura. Holly found inspiration in that piano and the songs came together effortlessly.

The EP consists of five hauntingly beautiful slow-burning songs that perfectly capture Holly’s sound. However, there is a noticeable change as the guitars take a backseat and subtle synths come into play, allowing her crystalline vocals to shine. Holly doesn’t like to confine herself to a specific genre and admires artists who explore different styles throughout their careers. This EP represents where she is in her life right now.

Holly’s stay at the old house was a result of a breakup, which became the central theme of the EP. It’s about moving on and accepting the end of a relationship. While it carries a sense of sadness, there is also a glimmer of hope as it allows her to discover herself and what she truly wants in life. Embracing the passage of time has been a personal journey for Holly, and she finally feels at ease with it.

In ‘Time is Forever’, we get glimpses into Holly’s life during that period. The opening track, ‘Beauty Queen’, is the first song she wrote for the record and it tells the story of a relationship she had as a teenager with someone older. According to Holly, it’s about a past experience and it’s her way of reflecting on her younger self. The EP is filled with personal lyrics that help her process things. The songs on the EP don’t follow a chronological order, which adds to the dream-like feel of the music. Sometimes, Holly writes songs that make sense later on, almost like a premonition.

One of the highlights of this EP is ‘Suburban House’, which features vocals from Lana Del Rey. It’s no surprise that Lana’s music was a big influence on Holly, especially since she discovered it when she was 15. The story of how they met is like a fantasy for any 15 year old fan. It started with an unexpected message of support on Instagram and turned into a friendship. Lana even invited Holly to her home in Los Angeles and liked her new demos. What’s amazing about Lana is that she doesn’t care about numbers, she just likes what she likes. When Holly showed her ‘Suburban House’, Lana wanted to sing on it and they went to the studio the following week. It was a spontaneous and incredible experience for Holly, and she still gets goosebumps hearing Lana’s voice on the track.

Not only is Holly’s EP a feature fit to last a lifetime, but she has also released a collaborative track that didn’t make it onto the EP. It’s a cover of Elvis Presley’s ‘Blue Moon’ and she recorded it with Laura-May Carter of Blood Red Shoes. Holly and Laura-May, who are close friends and roommates, bonded over their shared love for Elvis. Holly mentions that their house is filled with Elvis memorabilia. They have always wanted to do an Elvis song together, and ‘Blue Moon’ was the perfect choice. It has a beautiful atmosphere and is a timeless piece of music. When asked about future collaborations, Holly is open to anything. She enjoys working with people and wants to do more of it, even though she usually prefers to work alone when it comes to writing.

Holly’s live show has also undergone a change to match the shift in her music with ‘Time is Forever’. However, this change brings excitement rather than fear. She recently played these songs live for the first time when she performed with Lana at Hyde Park. It was a refreshing experience for her because she wasn’t confined to her guitar the entire set. She sees this as a fresh start and is thrilled to be playing with talented musicians and incorporating new visuals into her performances. She wants to make it something completely new.

‘Time is Forever’ marks a significant moment for Holly, and the impact of the record will truly be felt when she takes the stage. She admits that it feels strange because she hasn’t toured since ‘Suburban House’ was released, so it doesn’t feel entirely real yet. However, she believes that once she starts performing live, it will become more tangible. With a European tour supporting Matt Maltese on the horizon, that moment is just around the corner.

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