#Jennifer Lopez Rediscovers Romance — and Finds Herself in “This Is Me … Now: A Love Story”

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This Is Me . . . Now: A Love Story, the conceptual musical that accompanies Jennifer Lopez’s latest album of the same title, serves as a heartfelt tribute to love, including her relationship with husband Ben Affleck, and most importantly, to herself.

Currently available for streaming on Amazon, Me can be seen as a modern-day fairy tale or fable that explores the theme of self-validation. Lopez portrays a character known as the Artist, who continuously faces challenges in her relationships. The reason behind her struggles? She has forgotten to love herself. Once she learns this valuable lesson, she is able to break free from her past and embark on a journey to find her soulmate, her forever-after. Although Prince Charming, played by Affleck, is only briefly glimpsed at the end, his presence is felt through his lightly stubbled cleft chin. This moment of union is portrayed in a dreamy and ethereal manner, in stark contrast to the couple’s recent Dunkin’ Donuts Super Bowl ad, which leans more towards the comedic side of married life, showcasing the amiable friction and give-and-take that comes with years of being together. However, even that ad exudes a certain dreamlike quality when compared to the realities of most long-term relationships.

The 65 minutes leading up to Me’s Affleck apotheosis are filled with extravagant and breathtaking musical numbers that leave no stone unturned. These sequences, adorned with ornate and fantastical elements, showcase the infectious songs from the album. We witness Lopez meticulously sorting rose petals on a conveyor belt in a factory driven by a colossal steampunk heart, symbolizing her past breakup with Affleck two decades ago. We see her desperately navigating through a transparent plexiglass apartment, attempting to escape from an abusive lover. She gracefully whirls through a sequence, draped in chiffon, depicting her repeated trips down the aisle for three ultimately unsuccessful marriages. Finally, she joyfully dances in the pouring rain, paying homage to Gene Kelly’s iconic number in Singin’ in the Rain, albeit with a much heavier downpour. Lopez seems unfazed by the prospect of drying off, perhaps indicating her unwavering happiness in that moment.

In conclusion, This Is Me . . . Now: A Love Story is a captivating musical experience that not only celebrates love and romance but also emphasizes the importance of self-love and self-discovery. Jennifer Lopez’s artistic portrayal of the Artist takes us on a mesmerizing journey filled with fantasy, emotion, and infectious music.

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