Kansas City philanthropic guides Dark youth to assist with making more promising time to come

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Kansas City, High Aspirations is a nonprofit organization that addresses issues facing Black youth in Kansas City through mentoring programs.

Their core values ​​and mission are why Bildung supporters like his juniors continue to be an important part of the organization.

“The Kansas City community needs thousands of young people who are changing their lives,” Dunn said. “Understanding what Kansas City wants them to do.”

Their faith-based program provides a safe space for youth from ages 8 to 18. The organization has the resources to provide children with an education and a place to play, but most importantly, a place where they feel valued.

“They can reach beyond their neighborhood and make a difference in this community, in lives, in faith,” Dunn said.

In addition to its academic program, the organization plans a variety of social events. Sports, arts, crafts, music, and volunteering are some of the activities that help participants find their passions and skills.

“If we receive help, we can make changes. Not receiving them can be harmful,” said Henry Wash, CEO and President of High Aspirations. “We take our actions to ensure that tomorrow, God wants us to be, is a better place for everyone.”

The organization’s work in the community has led to the recognition of celebrities like Patrick Mahomes. recognized by people. In November 2023, No. 15 and the Mahomeys Foundation awarded High Aspirations KC his $10,000 check for changes made in Kansas City.

“We’re not doing it for the ‘oh,’ and we’re not doing it for the ‘ah,'” Wash said. “We do this because we feel it can make a heartbreaking difference. That’s why we do it.”

This organization is dedicated to helping today’s teens We believe that by investing in the education and well-being of people, we are contributing to a better and more promising future for our entire community.

This organization is always looking for ways to connect with volunteers and the youth they serve. Check out the high aspirations number.

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