Kelly Rutherford shares her inspiring journey of rebuilding her life after the heart-wrenching loss of custody of her children in 2015.(Exclusive)

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It has been 15 years since former Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford embarked on a lengthy and costly custody battle with her ex-partner, German businessman Daniel Giersch.
At the time of their separation, their son Hermes was 2 years old, and Rutherford was pregnant with their daughter Helena.
S. , the judge ruled that the children should reside full-time with their father in Monaco.
This meant that Rutherford, now 55, would have to either relocate to Monaco or make regular trips there in order to see her children.
This decision came as a shock, and Rutherford invested significant time and financial resources in her pursuit of regaining full custody of her children in the U.
Eventually, the court ordered the children to be returned to Monaco, and Rutherford, having spent nearly $2 million in legal fees and declaring bankruptcy, resigned herself to a life away from the public eye. The actress, who initially gained recognition through her roles in soap operas and dramas such as Melrose Place, experienced a surge in popularity after joining the cast of the acclaimed show Gossip Girl in 2005.
In addition to her fashion endeavors, she has also returned to the small screen, starring in the French soap opera Escort Boys.
With a lighthearted laugh, she shares, ‘‘As my children are growing older, they are encouraging me to focus on my own life.
They are teenagers now, with their own friends and interests.
‘‘ She continues, ‘‘Of course, I am always there for my children whenever they need me.
Teenagers still require parental support, but it is a different kind of support.
However, I choose to focus on the positive aspects most of the time,‘‘ she affirms.
‘‘I am immensely grateful for where we are now.
I have a wonderful relationship with my children.
‘‘Many people may not have experienced what I went through, but they still face difficulties in their relationships with their children.
You can witness the growth and success of your children and be grateful for that.

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