Norah Jones brings a lively vibe to her latest track, ‘Staring At The Wall’.

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The track will feature on the musician’s upcoming album, ‘Visions’

Norah Jones brings a lively vibe to her latest song ‘Staring At The Wall’. Norah Jones is back with an energetic new song called “Staring At The Wall” that previews her upcoming album. The album, titled Visions, will be released by Blue Note Records on March 8th. In this song, co-written by Jones and Leon Michels, she expresses her need to escape from her own thoughts. Jones said that “Staring At The Wall” stands out from her other songs and is one of her favorite songs on the album. She remembers her fun experience creating a unique sound with Michelle’s guitar. The song’s music video features Jones and Michels in the studio, showing joy and enthusiasm while performing. Lyrics are highlighted throughout the video. Jones released the single “Running” in January, which gave her a glimpse of the album’s late-night inspired themes. She explains that most of the songs on Visions were created through impromptu jam sessions with Michels, resulting in a raw, soulful sound. To promote the album, Jones will embark on a US tour starting in Boston, Massachusetts on May 6th.

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