Princess Kate’s first photo post-surgery was released on Britain’s Mother’s Day

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WORLD First photo of Princess Kate since surgery released on Britain's Mother's Day
WORLD First photo of Princess Kate since surgery released on Britain's Mother's Day
Princess Kate’s initial official photographs following her recent abdominal surgery were unveiled on Sunday. Duchess Kate, formally known as Duchess Kate, was captured smiling alongside her husband Prince William’s three children: George, aged 10, Charlotte, aged 8, and Louis, aged 5. The photograph, credited to William as the photographer, was shared on the royal couple’s official social media platforms early Sunday morning. Nevertheless, several major news photo agencies worldwide, such as The Associated Press, Reuters, and AFP, have since retracted the image from circulation, alleging that it had been altered in breach of their guidelines. The image was withdrawn “after a thorough review revealed that the source had manipulated the image in a manner that did not meet AP photography standards.” The photo also displays Princess Charlotte’s left hand in an inconsistent orientation, and the Press Association news agency, a primary source of royal family information and images, stated that the image would be removed from their service. The PA mentioned that they had sought an explanation from Kensington Palace regarding the images but received no response. Consequently, the images will be removed from our image services. Kensington Palace, the official residence of Prince William and Duchess Kate, did not immediately address the speculation surrounding the alleged alteration of the photo. The social media post featured Kate’s first public message since her surgery in January. This year, it coincides with Mother’s Day in the UK, celebrated on March 10th. 91 IMAGES Intrigue has been circulating online ever since Kensington Palace revealed on January 17th that she had undergone a planned abdominal surgery and would be staying at a private London clinic for 10 to 14 days. Following the procedure, the palace stated that she would continue her recovery at her Windsor residence for the next few months. It was anticipated that she would not resume her royal duties until after Easter, on March 31st. Although the palace did not disclose the specifics of the princess’ surgery, they emphasized that it was unrelated to cancer. The first statement about the process stated that Kate desires for the public to comprehend her intention to uphold a sense of normalcy for her children and her aspirations that her personal medical information remains private.” Despite ongoing speculation about her health, a spokesperson for Kensington Palace reassured the public in a statement released late last month that she was “doing well.” In January, Kensington Palace outlined the princess’ recovery schedule, and we will only provide significant updates. This directive remains in place,” the spokesperson stated. Kate’s healing process following the surgery and subsequent retreat from public appearances has overlapped with another health issue within the royal family. Shortly after her surgery, in early February, Buckingham Palace disclosed that King Charles III had been diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing treatment. In a statement released around that time by the royal family, the king expressed his gratitude for the outpouring of support and well wishes he had received. “To all those who have been touched by cancer, such kind sentiments provide the greatest solace and motivation,” he remarked. “Thank you for your kind wishes and unwavering support during the past two months. I wish all individuals a joyful Mother’s Day.

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