#Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco are teaming up to cook meatballs.

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Last year, Selena Gomez began dating Benny Blanco, a music producer who portrays himself on Lil Dicky’s Hulu show. This is the essential information about him, but there’s more to know: Recently, Blanco has been actively showcasing his culinary endeavors on social media. However, his experiments have been quite controversial, such as mixing red wine with milk, using a clothing iron to cook a quesadilla, or spreading peanut butter on a Shake Shack burger. Interestingly, he is also preparing to release a comprehensive cookbook.

Notably, Gomez herself has some experience in the kitchen as she famously portrayed a sandwich heiress on Wizards of Waverly Place and currently hosts a cooking show called Selena + Chef on HBO Max. It appears that the couple is bonding over their shared passion for cooking and being in front of the camera. In Gomez’s latest Instagram post, they are collaborating on a large tray of meatballs. Gomez can be seen smiling while Blanco shapes a substantial portion of ground meat. In the caption, Gomez affectionately refers to Blanco as her “best friend.” Blanco reciprocates the sentiment in the comments section, writing, “that’s my best friend.” Based on the post, it seems that baby talk and meatball-making are not the only activities they enjoy together. They also spend time with Matty Matheson and his Golden Globe, and Blanco is seen playfully grabbing Gomez’s boob while they enjoy each other’s company.

While they seem to be having a great time, one might wonder how they will ensure that those meatballs are fully cooked. I suppose we’ll have to purchase their cookbook to find out.

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