Shah Rukh Khan had plutocrat, but not enough to waste ’ Vivek Vaswani reveals why the actor stayed at his house for two years

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Shah Rukh Khan stayed at Vivek Vaswani's house for two years

Vivek Vaswani tells how his parents allowed Shah Rukh Khan to stay in their house for two years until he moved out and eventually bought Mannat . When Shah Rukh Khan came to Mumbai in his early 90s to become an actor, he had plenty of money, but he was smart enough not to waste it. He first stayed at film director Aziz Mirza’s office and then at Vivek Vaswani’s house. In a new interview, Vaswani spoke about how his parents allowed Shah Rukh to stay at their home for two years before he moved out.

Mr. Vaswani told Mr. Siddharth Kanan that the story began when they were watching a movie together. He said he was the one who bought the tickets and some cigarettes. After the movie ended, Shah Rukh asked Vaswani, “Please give me 100 rupees so I can go back to Bandra,” but Vaswani didn’t even have 100 rupees after spending so much money on tickets.But the car didn’t have enough petrol. So I told him, let’s go to my house and borrow 100 rupees from my mother. I told him to take a taxi,” Vaswani said. But his mother was asleep, so Baswani offered Shah Rukh to stay with him that night. From that night on, the actor stayed in his house for two years until they got married. “Then he moved to Aziz Mirza’s house in Debdut, from there he moved into a one-room kitchen, then he bought an apartment on Carter Road and then of course to Manat.”

Vaswani clarified: did. “He lives in Aziz Mirza’s office and that bothered me: ‘Why should he stay in the office?’ I have a very big house. Of course, I cannot admit that without the permission of his parents he would not have been able to stay here. It’s not my credit for giving him a house because the house belongs to my parents and not me.”The filmmaker also said that everything Shah Rukh Khan has achieved in life is due to Shah Rukh. -He said he would never take credit for Khan’s success because it was due to his success. his efforts.

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