Suki Waterhouse had a pivotal turning point for pregnancy on honorary pathway

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Suki Waterhouse’s skimpy red dress at the 2023 Emmy Awards shows just how bold maternity fashion is getting.

“I had to hold her to put it on. I just held her close to my body,” the pregnant Waterhouse told her E! News anchor Laverne Cox wears a custom Valentino dress at an event on January 15th. “So they had to take it apart and redesign this dress to fit around the stomach. But it was really great and I was really happy.

Waterhouse, who is on a date with Twilight star Robert Pattinson, looked radiant in a dress with hip cutouts and a backless dress.

Even the word “pregnancy” was once controversial in Hollywood. Lucille Ball’s character on the 1950s sitcom “I Love Lucy” wasn’t allowed to say the word on air. Demi Moore’s famous nude in 1991 was an event worthy of being featured on the cover of his Vanity Fair issue, and now it’s pregnancy announcements and the moment of motherhood being experienced live by Red Her. It has become the mainstay of carpets.
1970s-1980s: The Baggy Era
“Looking back at the era of women’s liberation, you might expect a more dramatic approach to maternity wear, but sometimes fashion is more about evolution than revolution.” ,” Dennis N. Green, Distinguished Professor in the Department of Textile Science and Apparel Design and director of the Cornell Fashion + Textiles Collection, tells
Green says this model is “perfect for baby bumps” because it fits under the breast and has a balloon underneath that “can adapt to a pregnant person’s changing body.”
Ciara’s plunging cleavage while holding daughter Sienna in 2017, Kerry Washington’s strapless black dress while pregnant with son Caleb, and pregnant with second child Riot Rose at Oscars in 2023 Check out Rihanna’s sheer leather dress inside.

Fashion actually spotlights baby bumps instead of hiding them.

This style also works well with a variety of looks, from Greek goddess silhouettes to cute babydoll styles.

“What we’re witnessing in the second half of the 20th century is a slow progression in the publicization, celebration, and recognition of pregnancy,” Green says.
Celebrities like the late Princess Diana, Princess of Wales, and actress Meryl Streep sported bright colors like red and gold at high-profile events, but their maternity looks were less flashy.

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