The wedding of Candace Cameron Bure’s son, Lev, was an extraordinary event that she describes as a truly remarkable moment in her life. (Exclusive)

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Candace Cameron Bure, the mother of three, expressed her joy and excitement about her son`s wedding at the Movieguide Award Gala in Los Angeles.
She described the entire event as amazing and a highlight of her life, particularly emphasizing the beauty of the ceremony itself.
Candace also spoke about the deep love between Lev and his wife, stating that it fills her heart with joy.
It has been two weeks since the outdoor nuptials, and Candace celebrated the occasion by sharing photos on Instagram and referring to the couple as ‘‘Mr.
Lev Bure.
‘‘ She expressed her happiness and gratitude for gaining a beautiful daughter and a wonderful family.
The ceremony photos captured Candace in a gold strapless dress, accompanying her son down the aisle, while other members of the Bure family were also present.
She expressed her excitement about gaining a daughter soon and eagerly anticipated their wedding ceremony.
She described the feeling of not having any children at home anymore.
‘‘ During that time, Candace shared an Instagram video where she read a children’s book to her dog Boris, who she affectionately referred to as ‘‘the only one I have left at home.

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