Zelda Williams expresses her feelings about the challenges she faced while making her directorial debut in the exclusive film, Lisa Frankenstein.

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Zelda Williams discusses her experience making her directorial debut in a recent interview with PEOPLE at the Lisa Frankenstein premiere in Los Angeles. The 34-year-old actress reveals that directing a script by writer and film producer Diablo Cody was a “really daunting” task, especially when it came to capturing the right tone for the film. Despite her initial fears, Zelda expresses gratitude for the opportunity and emphasizes that she had a great time working on the project.

Zelda also shares that the circumstances surrounding the pandemic played a role in Lisa Frankenstein becoming her directorial debut. Due to the pandemic, other movies she was set to work on did not come to fruition. However, she considers it fortunate that Lisa Frankenstein was able to move forward and become her first directorial venture.

In addition, Zelda suggests that the movie could be a perfect choice for Galentine’s Day, regardless of one’s relationship status. She believes that the film’s comedic nature will bring laughter and enjoyment to viewers, whether they are single or with a partner.

Zelda’s feature-length directorial debut showcases her talent in the horror comedy genre, with Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse as the stars of the film. She expressed her excitement about the project on Twitter in 2022, describing the script as “the most bonkers, wonderful zombie script” she had ever read. Zelda expresses her eternal gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of such a unique film.

Cody, the author of Lisa Frankenstein, expressed in a recent interview with PEOPLE that Zelda is an incredibly captivating individual. He praised her intelligence, her deep knowledge of film, and her direct and confident demeanor, which he believes are essential qualities for directors. Cody was amazed by Zelda’s talent and remarked that upon their first meeting, he felt like he was encountering someone who had already directed ten films. He was drawn to her confidence and her innate understanding of the source material.

Cody emphasized that the connection he felt with Zelda was immediate and the energy between them was perfect right from the start. This led him to make the decision to work with her, a decision he is extremely grateful for.

Lisa Frankenstein, which is set in 1989, tells the story of a high school student named Newton who brings a charming Victorian corpse named Sprouse back to life during a storm and transforms him into her ideal man. The screenplay was written by Diablo Cody, known for her work on the cult classic Jennifer’s Body. The movie also features talented actors such as Liza Soberano, Henry Eikenberry, Joe Chrest, and Carla Gugino.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Zelda shared her lifelong fascination with her late father Robin Williams’ successful acting career. She recalled being inspired by him while observing the behind-the-scenes of the 1999 sci-fi film Bicentennial Man, where Robin portrayed the character Andrew Martin. It was during this time that Zelda realized the vast array of career opportunities within the entertainment industry.

Following in her father’s footsteps, Zelda has pursued a career in the entertainment industry. She has appeared as a lead in the Freeform horror series Dead of Summer and has lent her voice to shows like The Legend of Korra.

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