Get to know more about Maria Georgas, a contestant on Season 28 of ‘The Bachelor’, with these 5 key facts.

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Maria georgas, a contestant on season 28 of ‘the bachelor’, with these 5 key facts
Ever since Maria Georgas made her grand entrance in a limo during season 28 of The Bachelor, her bond with Joey Graziadei has been undeniable. In the premiere episode of January 2024, Joey was captivated by Maria’s self-assurance, describing her as a “dynamic and confident individual who has caught my attention,” and further stating, “She is someone who will constantly keep me on my toes.” While the two of them got to know each other better during the second week of the popular ABC reality series, Maria excused herself momentarily to change into something more comfortable. Upon her return in a stylish two-piece outfit, Joey couldn’t help but express his thoughts, saying, “Ever since you put this on, all I can think about is…” as Maria leaned in for a kiss. Despite a strong start, Joey and Maria’s relationship faced a challenge during the fourth week of The Bachelor when Maria had a disagreement with another contestant, Sydney Gordon. As Joey struggled to determine the truth, he decided to take both women on a two-on-one date. Ultimately, he chose to send Sydney home due to his stronger connection with Maria. According to Maria’s official ABC cast biography, she is tired of short-term flings and casual relationships and is now ready to find her perfect match and settle down.

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