Angela Bassett wins prestigious Oscar at star-studded off-TV event

 Mel Brooks won her second Oscar Tuesday night at a private dinner in the heart of Hollywood.

 The 14th Annual Governors Awards Ceremony was not televised, but Martin Scorsese, Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio, Penelope Cruz, Natalie Portman, Bradley Cooper and Jon Batiste were among those in attendance. The audience couldn’t be more excited.

 “I promise I won’t sell this,” Brooks said.

 Hollywood’s awards season may seem a little gratuitous and self-indulgent, but the Governor’s Awards are an opportunity to step away from horse racing and honor living legends of the racing industry, including Brooks and Angela Bassett and film editor Carol Littleton.

Ray Dolby, who everyone receives the prestigious Oscar Award in.

 His auditorium is a stone’s throw from where the Oscars will be broadcast in March.

 Michelle Sutter, founding director of the Sundance Institute, also received the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award.

  The evening brought both laughter and tears as we paid heartfelt tributes to the winners and acknowledged recent tragic losses.

 Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane entertained Brooks with a medley and encouraged the audience to join in on “Hitler’s Spring.

” Regina King praised her Boyz N the Hood co-star’s “incredible human form.

” Glenn Close thanked Littleton for showing her to be “a really good dancer” in her second film, The Big Chill.

 And Ryan Coogler and Chloe Zhao told Sutter how much her leadership meant to them when they started working.

 John Mulaney hosted the event, and it got off to a lively start.

 “It’s a great honor to host,” Mulaney said.

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