Ayo Edebiri, the Bear Star, becomes emotional during her inaugural hosting gig on SNL and surprises everyone with a cameo appearance, where she questions Nikki Haley

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The 28-year-old Bear actress hosted the popular late-night comedy sketch show for the first time on Saturday.
Alongside Jennifer Lopez as the musical guest, Edebiri delivered a heartfelt monologue where she couldn`t hide her emotions, expressing how significant this moment was for her.
This truly is a dream come true,‘‘ Edebiri shared, her voice trembling as she became overwhelmed with emotion.
‘‘ During her monologue, Edebiri also discussed the preparation she underwent for her role on The Bear.
He must be preparing for a role, so method!’ And when they saw me, they’d simply ask, ‘How much longer until my tilapia?’‘‘ Towards the end of her monologue, Edebiri experienced another emotional moment, choking up once again as she described her hosting opportunity as a ‘‘homecoming.
I came up in the New York comedy scene with some of my closest friends, and I feel incredibly blessed to be working with them here tonight.
‘‘ In addition to participating in various entertaining sketches throughout the show, including a hilarious skit that playfully mocked the viral Dune movie popcorn bucket, and musical performances by Lopez, there was also a surprise cameo by Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley during the show’s cold open.
The former South Carolina governor appeared in an SNL sketch called ‘CNN Republican Presidential Town Hall,’ where she asked questions to former president Donald Trump, portrayed by James Austin Johnson.
Edebiri also made an appearance in the cold open as an audience member, directing a question at Haley. She inquired the politician about the main cause of the Civil War, stating, ‘‘And do you believe it begins with an `s’ and ends with ‘lavery’?‘‘ Haley acknowledged her mistake and responded, ‘‘Yes, I should have mentioned that earlier.
‘‘ Following that, she introduced the show by saying, ‘‘And now, live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!‘‘ Later in the show, Edebiri playfully addressed her previous negative comments about Lopez’s singing and career on the podcast ‘Scam Goddess’ in 2020.
Acknowledging the need for change, the hosting actress stated during a sketch called ‘Why’d You Say It?’: ‘‘Alright, alright, we understand.
‘‘ The sketch involved contestants being shown their previous online comments and having to explain the reasons behind them.
‘‘But I believe I speak for everyone when I say that moving forward, we will be much more considerate about what we share online!‘‘ Before the highly anticipated night, Edebiri appeared in a promotional video for her episode.
‘‘ Met with indifference from Day, Kearney, and Nwodim, a resigned Edebiri asked, ‘‘I just wanted to get you all excited because this is my first time hosting, and J.

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