Benny The Butcher leaves Freddie Gibbs’ baby mama in the cold after taking away the Indiana native’s chain

Benny the butcher ices freddie gibbs' baby mama out after snatching indiana native's chain
Benny the butcher ices freddie gibbs' baby mama out after snatching indiana native's chain
The Fit Mami has been seen accompanying various rappers ever since her split with Freddie. However, when it comes to the rap game, there is one artist you definitely don’t want to mess with – Benny The Butcher. Over the years, Freddie Gibbs has learned this lesson the hard way, especially after having his chain snatched during an encounter with Benny and his crew. During this incident, The Fit Mami, known as Destini, was by Freddie’s side and experienced panic attacks as a result. She was even prescribed medication to help her cope with the aftermath. Although she and Gibbs are no longer together romantically, she has found solace in the company of The Butcher. Recently, Benny decided to show his affection for The Fit Mami by gifting her a stunning new necklace. In a video, he carefully places the extravagant piece around her delicate neck as she confidently poses for the cameras. Afterwards, they took some captivating photos together, both exuding an intense aura. Destini proudly displayed her grills and even showcased a pendant with the initials “BF.” Benny playfully jokes that he is her bodyguard, while she affectionately wraps her arm around him. It remains uncertain whether The Fit Mami is genuinely interested in pursuing a serious relationship with the talented Tana Talk 4 artist or if she simply aims to provoke a reaction from Gibbs. Although Freddie has remained relatively silent about her recent actions, this grand gesture from Benny might just be the catalyst that prompts him to speak out, especially since he has confirmed his own new relationship. Rest assured, we will keep you updated on the latest developments as they unfold. Interestingly, Benny The Butcher is not the only rapper we have seen The Fit Mami with this year. Earlier in the winter, she was spotted alongside Millyz, who affectionately referred to her as his “treacherous little twin” in a social media post.

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