Charles Osgood, a renowned lyrical newscaster on both radio and television, passed away at the age of 91.


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Charles Osgood, a news anchor who told unconventional stories in unconventional ways on radio, sometimes with rhyme, sometimes with humor, and often with both, died Tuesday at his home at
Saddle River North. . “It’s the news department of a newspaper or broadcasting company,” he told Broadcasting magazine in 1985.
“One day I decided to do something different and put a little rhyme into a story,” he told the New York Times in his 1994 release. That in itself is a contradiction.
,” some listeners heard a modern-day Ogden Nash in Mr. Osgood’s corner, but he told People magazine, “My work is not poetry, it’s just wild nonsense.”
Osgood was not afraid to incorporate words into his rhyming schemes.
Osgood turned it into his three-syllable word, pronounced “POSS-ul-cue,” and John aired a love poem that began with his four lines of Donne’s “The Bait.” We woke up at 3am at an altitude of
meters. To prepare for the radio segment that most listeners hear while staring blankly into the bathroom mirror or the taillights of a traffic jam.
A man sued the store and received $13,000 in damages.

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