Check out the hilarious AI images created by the Minions in the Super Bowl commercial for Despicable Me 4, set to release in 2024. Don’t miss it! (Exclusive)

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Even the Minions can’t help but be captivated by the incredible and sometimes terrifying world of artificial intelligence (AI)! In a voiceover by Jon Hamm, we hear how AI is revolutionizing our perspective, unveiling possibilities we never imagined, reshaping business practices, and bringing loved ones closer together. As the voiceover concludes, two Minions rejoice over their AI-generated photos in a bustling office filled with other Minions doing the same.

The clip wraps up with an exciting announcement that the trailer for Despicable Me 4, the latest installment in the beloved Despicable Me and Minions franchise, is now available to watch. This highly anticipated film is set to hit theaters later this year. In Despicable Me 4, Gru, his wife Lucy, and their daughters Margo, Edith, and Agnes welcome a mischievous new addition to the family, Gru Jr., who loves to torment his dad. However, their lives take an unexpected turn when they encounter a formidable new enemy, Maxime Le Mal, and his alluring girlfriend Valentina. The family is forced to go on the run, leading to thrilling adventures.

Despicable Me 4 boasts an impressive voice cast, including Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, Miranda Cosgrove, Dana Gaier, Madison Polan, Will Ferrell, Sofia Vergara, Joey King, Stephen Colbert, and Chloe Fineman. The screenplay was co-written by Mike White, the creator of The White Lotus, and Ken Daurio, who has been involved in crafting the entire Despicable Me series.

This highly anticipated film follows the success of Minions: Rise of Gru, a spinoff that earned a staggering $369 million at the domestic box office and ranked as the sixth highest-grossing movie of 2022. Get ready to join Gru and his lovable Minions on July 3 when Despicable Me 4 hits theaters.

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