Disney’s “Wish” movie premieres on OTT platform with 13.2 million views in 5 days!

Disney’s latest animated film, Wish, made a remarkable entrance onto the streaming platform Disney+ with an impressive 13.2 million views within just five days of its release. While it may not have surpassed the popularity of Pixar’s Elemental, Wish managed to secure its place as the third most-viewed film from Walt Disney Animation Studios, a testament to its captivating storytelling and enchanting visuals.
At the heart of Wish is the talented Ariana DeBose, who brings the character of Asha to life with her mesmerizing voice. Asha is a central figure in the film, as she embarks on a journey through a magical island kingdom, discovering her own powers and unraveling the secrets of her past. The film revolves around the kingdom’s ‘benevolent’ leader, King Magnifico, portrayed by the charismatic Chris Pine, who adds depth and complexity to the character.
The voice cast of Wish is a star-studded ensemble, with notable performances from Alan Tudyk and Angelique Cabral. Tudyk’s voice acting prowess shines through as he lends his voice to various supporting characters, adding humor and charm to the film. Cabral’s portrayal of a strong and determined character adds an extra layer of depth to the storyline, making Wish a truly engaging experience.
While Wish may not have achieved the same box office success as Disney’s previous hit, Encanto, it still manages to captivate audiences with its unique and imaginative storyline. The film showcases the creativity and magic that Disney animation is known for, transporting viewers to a world filled with wonder and enchantment.
With its successful debut on Disney+, Wish has proven to be a worthy addition to the Disney Animation Studios repertoire. Its impressive viewer count and positive reception demonstrate the enduring appeal of Disney’s animated films. Wish is a testament to the studio’s ability to create captivating stories that resonate with audiences of all ages, further solidifying Disney’s position as a leader in the world of animation.

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