During the Super Bowl, Beyoncé unveils two fresh tracks, hinting at the possibility of more releases in the future.

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During the Super Bowl, Beyoncé created anticipation, made an announcement, and released new music all within a short period of time. In a Verizon commercial that aired in the third quarter, Beyoncé exclaimed, “Okay, they ready! Drop the new music,” capturing the attention of viewers. This caused a frenzy on social media, which was already abuzz with Super Bowl-related content. Within minutes, Beyoncé confirmed the news on her social media accounts. She shared a one-minute video on Instagram featuring a taxi driving through dusty roads, passing radio towers, and a sign for “Radio Texas.” The video concluded with a crowd gathered in front of a billboard displaying Beyoncé waving alongside the words “Texas! Hold ’em,” while a song with those lyrics played in the background. The video ended with the words “act ii” and the date March 29. Beyoncé’s official website also promoted the video, date, and the names of two songs: “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 carriages.” Snippets of both songs were posted on Tidal shortly after, followed by the release of the full versions on Spotify and YouTube. The accompanying images showcased Beyoncé wearing cowboy hats and other Western-inspired attire. It is worth noting that Beyoncé had previously advertised her 2022 album Renaissance as “act i,” which went on to win the Grammy for Best Dance/Electronic Music Album in 2023, marking her record-breaking 32nd Grammy win as an icon hailing from Houston.

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