Exclusive Tiny Desk Debut: Kelela

Tiny desk premiere: kelela

Tiny Desk Exclusive Debut: Kelela .Kelela used the Tiny Desk opportunity to launch her creative endeavors. She made the bold decision to replace the recording’s signature elements, such as hard drums and effects, with the delicate sounds of a harp and piano. This decision posed some challenges, as the limited space behind the desk didn’t allow for much movement. Pianist Briley Harris felt constrained by the keys, but backup singers Brittney Mills and Alaina Rogers were comfortable next to Aya Simone’s magnificent harp. When an artist presents a unique and imaginative vision for a performance, the most exciting part is working together to bring that idea to life.

For Kelela, this Tiny Desk concert was a homecoming of sorts. Before turning her focus to her music, she took a moment to reflect on her own birthplace, Washington, D.C. refer. The set list seamlessly blended different parts of the repertoire, including some new arrangements. Songs like “Enough” and “Take Me Apart” transformed as Kelela’s vocals blended gracefully with harp and keys. During soundcheck, she happened upon a detonator in the percussion section and couldn’t help but experiment. Towards the end of “The High,” she continued singing, changing her voice in a mesmerizing way. This spirit of exploration and experimentation perfectly captured the essence of the performance.

Setlist: “Raven”, “Take Me Apart”, “Bank Head”, “Waitin'”, “Enough”, “Bluff”, “The High”.

– Kelela: Vocals
– Briley Harris: Keys
– Brandon Donald: Drums
– Alaina Rogers: Vocals
– Brittney Mills: Vocals
– Arya Simone: Harp

TINY DESK TEAM: 44 44 – Producer: Bobby Carter
– Director/Editor: Kara Frame
– Audio Technical Director: Hannah Grubna
– Videographer: Kara Frame, Maia Stern, Joshua Bryant, Alante Serene
– Sound Engineer: Neil Teveau
– Production Assistant : El Manion
– Cameraman: Elizabeth Gillis
– Small Desk Team: Ashley Pointer, Hazel Sills
– Executive Producer: Suraya Mohammed
– Series Creator: Bob Boilen, Stephen Thompson
– Visuals and Music Vice President: Keith Jenkins.

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