From Shutter Island to American Psycho, there are five Hollywood thrillers that have been adapted from best-selling novels.

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Here are some thrilling Hollywood movies that are based on popular novels:

1. Shutter Island
In this film, Marshal Edward Daniels and his partner Chuck Ollie are sent to investigate a mysterious case at Ashcliffe Hospital on Shutter Island in Boston Harbour. Their mission is to find a missing patient named Rachel Solando, who was a mental hospital patient and allegedly drowned her three children.

2. American Psycho
Set in 1987, this movie follows the life of Patrick Bateman, a wealthy and attractive man in his late twenties. Living in New York, he becomes involved with a secretive group that only allows a select few to join. However, Patrick harbors a dark secret – he has a psychopathic personality that he hides from the world.

3. Silence of the Lambs
This Hollywood film revolves around Clarice Starling, a trainee FBI agent who is on the hunt for a serial killer known as “Buffalo Bill,” who targets women. To crack the case, Clarice seeks advice from the infamous Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a cannibalistic psychiatrist who is incarcerated.

4. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
This movie tells the story of Mikael Blomkvist, a financial reporter who is trying to rebuild his reputation. He is hired by Henrik Vanger to uncover the truth behind his niece’s death, which occurred forty years ago. As Mikael delves deeper into the investigation, shocking revelations unfold.

5. The Shining
Remember the episode of the popular TV show FRIENDS where Joey was reading “The Shining”? Well, this is the same story. Jack Torrance is tasked with taking care of the deserted Overlook Hotel in Colorado. He moves in with his wife and son Danny, but soon, Danny starts experiencing increasingly eerie occurrences.

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