Gigi Hadid will not be accompanying her boyfriend Bradley Cooper to the Oscars

Bradley cooper and gigi hadid hold hands during london outing
Bradley cooper and gigi hadid hold hands during london outing
Cooper and Hadid’s love story began in late 2023. As the excitement builds for the highly anticipated Oscars, one noticeable absence on the red carpet will be supermodel Gigi Hadid, who will not be accompanying her boyfriend, Bradley Cooper, to the event. Cooper, who received two Oscar nominations for his outstanding work in the film Maestro, will not have Hadid by his side. According to a source from ET, Hadid’s decision to skip the Oscars is based on her commitment to spending quality time with her daughter. The insider disclosed that Gigi will not accompany Bradley to the Oscars and will instead stay at home with her daughter. Although they won’t be seen together at the event, it is said that the couple is in high spirits and relishing their time together. Another source shared with ET, “Bradley and Gigi are genuinely happy. They are having a wonderful time together, maintaining a healthy relationship, and co-parenting effectively.” The interactions between the various individuals, such as Hadid, Cooper, Cooper’s former partner Irina Shayk, and Hadid’s former partner Zayn Malik, appear to be constructive and grown-up. Hadid and Zayn have a 3-year-old daughter named Khai Malik, while Cooper and Shayk have a 6-year-old daughter named Lea. Although Cooper and Shayk ended their relationship in 2019, they continue to maintain a friendly rapport. According to the source, everyone is harmoniously coexisting, and there is a positive synergy among all parties involved. Zayn continues to be involved as a father, while Irina is focused on her own life and is content. Everyone is acting maturely and prioritizing their children.” Just last month, an insider informed ET that Gigi and Bradley’s relationship has reached a significant level of commitment. They have already had discussions about their future together and the next steps they want to take. Their ability to communicate openly and honestly with each other is one of their strengths, and they are both excited about what lies ahead. The source also mentioned that both families are fully supportive of their relationship and have expressed their happiness for the couple. Cooper’s former partner, Shayk, is even providing support and prioritizing her own life and co-parenting agreement while expressing her well wishes for Cooper. Recent public appearances of the couple have further solidified the depth of their bond. Cooper and Hadid were recently spotted taking a leisurely walk in Soho, New York, with Hadid wearing ICON Denim jeans after a shopping spree at her store, Guest In Residence. The couple has also been seen openly expressing their affection for each other in Midtown New York and London. According to another source who spoke to ET, it is evident that Gigi and Bradley are deeply in love. “It is clear that Gigi and Bradley’s relationship is progressing and becoming more serious,” revealed another source. “Their natural connection is evident to everyone around them. Their bond is effortless, enjoyable, and genuine.” The source mentioned that Cooper’s family has taken a liking to Hadid, and Hadid’s family feels the same way about Cooper. Those close to them are hopeful that their relationship will continue to thrive. “They share common interests in family, friends, life discussions, parenting, dealing with public attention, humor, and more,” the source added. “Their bond is truly unique and their comprehension of these elements brings them together on a profound level.

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