Is it possible that Triple H subtly hinted that the highly-anticipated world title match will not take place at WrestleMania? Let’s delve into this potential spoiler

Triple h has booked a great card for elimination chamber 2024!

Is it possible that Triple H subtly hinted that the highly anticipated world title match won’t take place at WrestleMania? Let’s take a closer look at this potential spoiler. Triple H has made an important decision that will affect the implementation of the upcoming Elimination Chamber event in less than 24 hours. The event is expected to feature some exciting matches and segments that are sure to be well-received by the WWE Universe. In addition to focusing on Elimination Chamber, Triple H is also considering plans for WrestleMania 40. The result of Elimination Chamber will have a huge impact on WrestleMania’s booking, but WWE’s CCO has hinted that there may not be a grudge match at WrestleMania. In particular, the expected grudge between Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan may not materialize at this big event. Despite speculation that Morgan is one of the top candidates to face Ripley at WrestleMania, recent signs suggest otherwise. At the press conference outside the Elimination Chamber, Morgan was prominently seen, but her opponents Becky Lynch, Bianca Belair, and Tiffany Stratton also showed up. This absence could mean these three women are strong candidates to challenge Ripley. By hosting Elimination Chamber in Australia, WWE continues to demonstrate its commitment to expanding into international markets. Australian fans have welcomed the Stamford-based promotion, and WWE and Triple H appear to be happy with their reception in Australia. A video shared on WWE’s official Instagram account shows Triple H looking out over Perth from Optus Stadium. Impressed by the view, Triple H expressed his enthusiasm for the event, imagining a crowd of 50,000 in the arena.

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