Jayme Lawson has been added to the ensemble of the film featuring Michael B Jordan and Ryan Coogler.

Jayme Lawson, known for her role in The Batman, has officially joined the cast of Michael B Jordan’s upcoming supernatural thriller. This exciting project, directed by Ryan Coogler and produced by Warner Bros., is already generating a lot of buzz. Lawson will be joining the recently announced Jack O’Connell and Delroy Lindo, adding her talent to this highly anticipated film.
While the plot and details of Lawson’s role are being kept under wraps for now, what we do know is that the story is set in the South during the Jim Crow era. This historical backdrop adds an intriguing layer to the film, which is rumored to incorporate elements of vampires and magical Southern supernatural traditions. With this unique blend of genres, audiences can expect a captivating and immersive experience.
One of the most exciting aspects of this project is Michael B Jordan’s dual roles as twin brothers. This showcases his versatility as an actor and adds an extra layer of complexity to the story. Jordan has proven time and time again that he can deliver powerful performances, and this film will undoubtedly be no exception.
The production is set to begin filming in New Orleans later this spring, adding an authentic Southern atmosphere to the film. Ryan Coogler, the mastermind behind the script, is also producing the film through his production company, Proximity Media. Joining him as producers are Zinzi Coogler and Sev Ohanian, ensuring that this project is in capable hands.
Fans won’t have to wait too long to see this thrilling film on the big screen. Mark your calendars for March 7, 2025, as it is set to hit theaters, including IMAX screens. With the combination of talented actors, an intriguing storyline, and the creative vision of Ryan Coogler, this film promises to be an unforgettable cinematic experience. Get ready to be transported to the supernatural world of the South during the Jim Crow era.

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