Lily Allen claims that her career was ‘ruined’ by having children.

Lily allen, photographed in london on october 17, 2023. Gareth cattermole/getty images
Lily allen, photographed in london on october 17, 2023. Gareth cattermole/getty images
British pop singer Lily Allen expressed that her children are her everything, but they completely changed her career path. When questioned on the Radio Times podcast about whether she had to reconsider her career plans after becoming a mother, Allen responded: “I never really plan out my career, but yes, my children altered my career trajectory.” “I adore them and they are my world, but in terms of being a pop star, it definitely changed things,” Allen humorously mentioned during the interview, which was published on Tuesday. “It really bothers me when people say you can have it all because, honestly, you can’t,” the singer continued. It is the choice of certain individuals to prioritize their career over their children, and that is their decision Allen has experienced the majority of her career success in the UK, with three number one hits and 15 in the Top 40. Her first album “Alright Still,” which included “Smile” and “LDN,” propelled her to stardom and earned her a nomination for Best Alternative Music Album at the 2008 Grammy Awards. Allen, who is 38 years old, revealed that she made the choice to prioritize raising her two daughters over her career. She shares the responsibility of co-parenting them with her ex-husband, Sam Cooper, due to her own experiences of having “quite absent” parents during her childhood. Allen comes from a family deeply rooted in the entertainment industry. Her parents, actor Keith Allen and film producer Alison Owen, have made their mark in the field. Interestingly, Allen’s brother is none other than the talented actor from “Game of Thrones,” Alfie Allen. Reflecting on her own upbringing, Allen acknowledges that it had its challenges. She believes that those experiences have left lasting scars, which she is determined not to pass on to her own children. As a result, she made the conscious decision to step back from her career and focus on her daughters. Looking back, Allen is grateful for this choice as she sees her children growing up to be well-rounded individuals.

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