Maya’s powers in Echo “The Marvel Comics”

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  • Converting all of that into the MCU means that filmmakers don’t just have to condense years of world-building into an hour and a half to two hours, but they can also to pick and choose which versions of Marvel characters they wanted to portray.
  • Once that’s put into a complex cinematic franchise built up over a decade, though, it’s hard to make changes from there for the sake of keeping continuity.
  • And as the MCU becomes more like the comics–adding more and more characters into the cinematic canon and lore–it means continually making hard decisions about what powers those character have, and what their backstories are.
  • While it may seem like nothing for minor characters, there are still die-hard fans of even the most obscure comic book characters who want them to be immortalized on screen in their best possible forms.
  • When it comes to Marvel’s Echo, director Sydney Freeland made a major decision: Maya Lopez (played by Alaqua Cox), would have different powers than what she has in the comics.
  • In an interview with Variety, Freeland didn’t want to spoil the changes she made, but made it clear how she felt about the original Echo’s abilities.
  • ‘‘ So what are Maya’s powers in the MCU show Echo? Although we don’t know the true extent of her powers, it appears that when she touches someone, she’s able to heal them, as dives into Kingpin’s mind and takes away much of his anger, which stems, in this case, from the emotionally intense moment of his childhood when he killed his abusive father with a hammer (the very hammer he offered to Maya earlier in the series).

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