Messi the Dog, Breakout Star of ‘Anatomy of a Fall’, Set to Skip Oscars Ceremony

Messi amanda edwards/getty images
Messi amanda edwards/getty images
Regrettably, the beloved border collie, Messi, will not be gracing the red carpet at the prestigious Academy Awards ceremony this Sunday. Despite charming the likes of Ryan Gosling, Billie Eilish, and Bradley Cooper at the nominees luncheon, the canine sensation has decided to stay in Paris with his trainer, Laura Martin. The decision has left many fans of his scene-stealing performances in Anatomy of a Fall disappointed. Messi’s rise to fame began at Cannes, where he won the Palm Dog award for his outstanding acting skills. His recent Hollywood escapade, where he outshone even the most prominent actors, was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. While the Academy has not provided any official statement, sources close to the film have confirmed that Messi’s appearance in Los Angeles was a one-off event. Fans who missed the chance to meet the adorable pup will have to wait for his next project to catch a glimpse of his undeniable talent. Footage of Messi embodying the essence of David Hasselhoff can be discovered on Martin’s exquisite Instagram page. However, the true highlight of the Oscars nominees lunch was a captivating clip that went viral, featuring a mesmerized Ryan Gosling fawning over Messi, who effortlessly commanded the attention of the entire crowd. “The pinnacle moment occurred when Billie Eilish and Messi formed an extraordinary bond, engaging in heartfelt embraces and affectionate gestures for nearly ten minutes,” Martin revealed. “Their connection was palpable. And then, as fate would have it, Bradley Cooper unexpectedly crossed paths with Messi in the hallway. Instantly, an undeniable connection was forged between them as well.” It must be acknowledged, however, that not everyone was pleased with Messi’s presence at the event. As a dog, he technically did not qualify as a nominee. Multiple companies with films nominated for awards lodged complaints with the Academy, arguing that Messi’s attendance provided an unfair advantage to “Anatomy of a Fall” during the voting period. Indeed, this is the season of prestigious awards, where even a man’s loyal companion is not immune to the intricacies of politics and petty grievances.

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