Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied have officially concluded their divorce proceedings after discreetly separating last year

Benjamin millepied and natalie portman attend the l. A. Dance project annual gala on october 16, 2021 in los angeles, california. Axelle/bauer-griffin/filmmagic
Benjamin millepied and natalie portman attend the l. A. Dance project annual gala on october 16, 2021 in los angeles, california. Axelle/bauer-griffin/filmmagic
Natalie Portman discreetly filed for divorce from Benjamin Millepied, her director/choreographer spouse of 11 years, eight months ago, and now the former pair is officially divorced, PEOPLE can exclusively confirm. The actress, 42, submitted the paperwork last July and the divorce was finalized last month in France, where Portman and Millepied, 46, reside with their children, son Aleph, 12, and daughter Amalia, 7.Navigating the treacherous waters of their discreet separation, which ensued after the media exposed Millepied’s extramarital affair in May 2023, has proven to be an arduous task for Portman. Initially, the challenges seemed insurmountable, but her loyal circle of friends swiftly rallied around her, providing unwavering support during her darkest moments. Natalie, despite enduring a year fraught with anguish and adversity, has emerged from the depths of despair with newfound strength. She now finds solace and delight in the embrace of her cherished family, loyal friends, and fulfilling work endeavors. Throughout this tumultuous journey, the couple has remained resolute in their commitment to ensuring a seamless transition for their beloved children. Photographs capturing their unwavering unity as a family have graced the public eye on numerous occasions, a testament to their unwavering dedication to their offspring. The insider reveals that Portman’s paramount concern has always been the well-being of her children. Both she and Ben, bound by an unbreakable love for their little ones, have wholeheartedly embraced the role of co-parents, striving to provide nothing short of the best for their precious brood. While subtle hints may have hinted at the underlying turmoil within their marital union, such as Portman’s conspicuous absence of her wedding ring since the spring following the revelation of Millepied’s fleeting indiscretion, the couple has remained resolute in their pursuit of a harmonious coexistence. were able to take time to privately work through issues and toward a “new normal.” In June 2023, a source told that Millepied was “doing all he can to It is imperative that Natalie forgives him in order to maintain the unity of their family, while Portman’s utmost concern remains safeguarding her children and their privacy. Since then, both have also juggled heavy work commitments along the way” The Oscar-winning actress has also been very involved in her soccer team, Angel City, and is prepping for the debut of her upcoming endeavor, the exclusive television series Lady in the Lake.

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