Olivia Cooke, star of House of the Dragon, consciously shed her Northern accent to thrive as an actor. At 30, she felt it made her seem less intelligent compared to her middle-class peers.

Olivia Cooke, the talented actress who is set to star in the highly anticipated House Of The Dragon, recently opened up about her decision to drop her Northern accent in order to succeed in the acting industry. Growing up in Oldham with working class parents, Olivia often felt insecure about her intelligence compared to her middle class counterparts in the industry. Despite being proud of her roots, she admitted to altering her voice when speaking to individuals from different backgrounds, in an attempt to fit in and be taken seriously.
In her candid interview, Olivia expressed her concerns about the lack of opportunities for less privileged individuals in the acting industry. She highlighted the fact that many talented actors and actresses from working class backgrounds often struggle to break into the industry due to a lack of connections and resources. Olivia believes that this lack of diversity and representation not only limits the stories that are being told on screen, but also perpetuates a cycle of privilege and exclusion.
Furthermore, Olivia shed light on the challenges faced by older actresses in securing meaningful roles. She emphasized the industry’s reluctance to showcase women aging on screen, which often leads to a dearth of substantial roles for actresses beyond a certain age. Olivia believes that this not only hinders the growth and development of female characters, but also perpetuates harmful stereotypes and unrealistic beauty standards.
Despite these challenges, Olivia remains determined to use her platform to advocate for change. She believes that it is crucial for the industry to embrace diversity and provide equal opportunities for actors and actresses from all backgrounds. Olivia hopes to inspire and empower aspiring actors and actresses, particularly those from less privileged backgrounds, to pursue their dreams and challenge the status quo.
In conclusion, Olivia Cooke’s decision to drop her Northern accent in order to succeed in acting highlights the systemic barriers faced by less privileged individuals in the industry. Her concerns about the lack of opportunities and representation, as well as the challenges faced by older actresses, shed light on the need for change and inclusivity in the acting industry. Olivia’s determination to use her platform to advocate for equal opportunities and diversity serves as an inspiration to aspiring actors and actresses everywhere.

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