Senator Elizabeth Warren mentioned that she would include The Rock in her ideal blunt rotation.

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The Rock Would Be in Her Dream Blunt Rotation

Sen. Elizabeth Warren said she would include The Rock in her ideal blunt rotation. Count Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is among the ideal group of people for Sen. Elizabeth Warren to share her insensitive opinions. In fact, if she had the choice, he would be the only member of the Democratic rotation. During an episode of Pod Save America, Warren discussed marijuana legalization, a cause she supports. Host Jon Favreau asked her to choose from a list of people to whom she would like to give her honest opinion. Warren explained that Dream Flower’s rotation is made up of people who would be willing to smoke weed together if they so choose. When Warren was presented with a list of names that included Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Janet Yellen, The Rock and Sen. Ed Markey, he enthusiastically asked The He chose Mr. Locke four times. Favreau suggested other names, including Nancy Pelosi, Snoop Dogg, Chuck Schumer and Taylor Swift, but Warren stuck with The Rock. On his campaign website, the former Harvard law professor emphasizes the importance of legalizing marijuana as a way to combat the injustices perpetuated by the current criminal justice system.

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