Seth Rollins clarifies his ‘unprofessional’ response to CM Punk’s WWE comeback.

Rollins went on to explain that while he respects Punk’s talent and contributions to the wrestling industry, he cannot forgive the way Punk turned his back on WWE and its fans. “I understand that some people see Punk as a hero, but to me, he will always be a traitor. He abandoned us when we needed him the most, and that’s not something I can just overlook.”
Despite his strong feelings towards Punk, Rollins made it clear that he is focused on his own career and the future of WWE. “I’m not going to let one person’s actions dictate how I feel about this company. WWE is my home, and I will continue to fight for it and protect it from anyone who tries to tear it down.”
In the end, Rollins expressed his hope that one day he and Punk can bury the hatchet and move forward. “I believe in forgiveness and second chances. Maybe one day Punk and I can sit down and have a conversation, but for now, I will continue to defend my family and the company that I love.”

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